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Since 1994, the real estate development holding “Romanov Development Group” is one of the main players on the top-class office market in Moscow, offering a full range of service at all stages of development including investment, construction and management of A-Class office buildings.

The president of R.D. Group is Mr. Gaguik Adibekyan, the vice president - Mr. Vsevolod Yampol'skiy.

The “Romanov Development Group” includes: "RD Group Ltd.", "RD Group S.A.", RD Management Services (OOO "Р.Д. Менеджмент Сервисез") and RD Construction Management (OOO "Р.Д. Констракшн Менеджмент").

At present, R.D. Group renders development services on the real estate markets of Russia, Ukraine, Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates.

The most significant project of R.D. Group is “Romanov Dvor”, a complex of three A-Class office buildings located just 500 metres away from the Kremlin. Romanov Dvor is one of the most prestigious office centres in Moscow, among its tenants are the leading multinational corporations, banks, consulting, investment and legal companies.

The "Val des Roses" residence is an elite apartment building located in the town of Strassen, a few minutes away from the centre of Luxembourg-City. It features comfortable apartments, luxurious penthouses, a convenient underground parking and a vast freedom for buyers to plan their apartment according to their desires.